Spook G Returns with hot new music!!

The Fort Wayne Street Intellectual/Poet/Narrator


spook gSpook G was born and raised in the trenches of Fort Wayne, In. was determined not to allow himself and others who came from under conditions similar to his own to remain in such a state of disdain he decided to utilize his lyrical abilities and intellectual acuity to wage war on the oppressed mind state that perpetuates the cycle of repetitive nothingness. He is an enemy of stagnation and those whose hearts is full of hatred. Though life has delivered Spook G many obstacles he continues to refine himself and be reborn from the ashes of trial and tribulation….like a phoenix he rises on to new heights and takes the form of a journalist/narrator in the midst of it all. Bringing you facts, in a world over saturated with over embellishment, poor character, and well dressed lies. Not to be confused with that other rapper, a role model nor a “conscious” artist. He simply tells it as its seen.

Albert Einstein once said that “The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them.”, so daily I strive to attain the self-mastery that all men should seek and through my music I share stories of personal struggle and triumph in hopes of showing another person who is at the level I was when it occurred to me how to elevate and live life. I am the streets voice over.


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