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NEW YORK — Video recorded this week on a Bronx subway shows an argument over a seat which escalated into a full on beat down. The original poster of the video said the man in the green vest wouldn’t let the woman sit down in the small space next to him.

The loud-mouthed woman blocked the subway door from closing as other straphangers yelled, “We got someplace to go!”

A few more choice words were exchanged between the woman and the man in the green vest before the woman spat in the man’s face. A male travelling with the woman remained calm, he told her to “chill” but that didn’t appear to help his cause.

The man in the green vest then attacked the man with the woman, pummelling him on the ground and kicking him in the head.

Police have yet to make any arrests.


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  1. WTF 😳 and some people just sitting there filming this shit and don't help 😡 these people need a beat up too!! I hate it so much when people kick in a body of someone lying on the floor😡 I hope this man get a punishment for beating others

  2. buddy didn't deserve this but he should have controlled his bitch a little better than that. i don't call women or ladies out of their name unless its some cunt like this. he should've went ahead and slapped the weave off that big bitch in all honesty. spitting on someone is a battery charge so it would've been in self defense. maybe not in liberal ass NY or wherever this takes place but fuck it. it would have been more than worth it

  3. So what just stand the fuck up ! Until your next stop why start a fight with the dude ! That's what people do in the subway some give a fuck and some don't! I feel bad for the boyfriend a smh

  4. this is not new or recent at fucking all I watched that video originally on live leak months ago the fuck you doing Tomo?
    fucking unsubbed cause of you're bullshit news story's you claim to be new when their actually the fucking opposite.

  5. da boyfriend Should've got beat down cause he Should've had his girlfriend in check. dats how a real man do it. Beat His punk ass da fuck up. Straight music oldschool NY shit.

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