Suspect Goes for Gun – Jiu-Jitsu Saves Lives (Tulsa PD Gracie Breakdown)

Suspect Goes for Gun - Jiu-Jitsu Saves Lives (Tulsa PD Gracie Breakdown)

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This is one of the best examples of how effective ground control and communication saves lives ON BOTH SIDES!

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Video Credit: A&E Live TV

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  1. I have a guy in my jiu jitsu class who just graduated police academy. He's a beast too. Even as a white belt you can tell he's training for his future job.

  2. Should have just shot him. Why put the officer's life in greater danger by having to grapple with a wanna-be cop killer who was intent on shooting both of them, in an attempt to escape the consequences of his criminal behavior.

    Blue lives matter.

  3. Wow amazing.. If they didn't know that underarm control , they could be died.
    Glad for many police officers starting to learn BJJ.
    That seems definitely more safe way than other arrest options

  4. Honestly I wouldn't have blamed the cop if instead of the open strikes, he just gouged the fucker's eyes out. Hard to keep reaching for that glock when his eyeballs are being pushed into his brainl.

  5. But why didn't they just talk to him?

    Nah I'm just kidding, they should have shot him. There's no way this guy amounts to anything that society needs.

  6. Why theeee fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk didn't the camera man grab the gun ??? This tipe of shot pissies me off cuz it's like that one movie you watch that has an entire plote based opon the stupidest logic

  7. I think police using jiu jitsu to restrain someone is redundant and probably even counter productive and will probably end with more lawsuits for unnecessary force. Why would you need to put a guy/woman in a Kimura and break his/her arm when your ultimate goal is to handcuff him and put him in the back of your cruiser? I'be worked security before and the only time I'd ever resort to using jiu jitsu to restrain or incapacitate an aggressive person is if I had no handcuffs. They'd be better off learning freestyle and greco roman wrestling so they know what it feels like when someone is desperately trying to explode up into their feet or quickly escape your control

  8. Honestly, ALL officers should have a K9 unit. Dogs don't give a fuck about no weapons or martial arts or anything really. Turn that puppy on the perp and it's game over, no lethal force required, no race issues etc.

  9. I don't really get how can you take ownership of his moves when this is just a basic leg scissor with hooks in to keep himself low, with a rear naked choke that everyone learns from that one guy in the locker room before gym class. Whenever my friends an I "fight" (more like mma match) I get to this position every time because I've wrestled my whole life, i don't think this should be designated as the style of martial art you're trying to promote.

  10. They definitely did an outstanding job! The only thing i would have tried to do differently is that i would have completed the rear naked choke once knowing he was going for a gun. An unconscious suspect cant fight back.

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