Tekashi69 6ix9ine LA Pass gets REVOKED by Surenos OG Spanky Loco

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Tekashi69 6ix9ine LA Pass gets REVOKED by Surenos OG Spanky Loco

6ix9ine LA Pass gets gets revoked by OG Spanky Loco, after he found out Tekashi69 was coming to LA next week, as you guys know 6ix9ine is just getting out of a situation in minnesota were things got real, ice was thrown but Tekashi 69 is ok.

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  1. Rep yo shyt. The OG game is strong in almost every city. The game is knowing which flag you shouldnt be flyin in each spot. Takashi69 flies no flag, and the OG's everywhere are feelin restless about his loud azz

  2. he does it for the kids fuck that pussy ass nigga he beat up a little kid with his mom ther that nigga pussy . i hope homey og spanky loco bring that down to reality .

  3. L.A MOST Definitely is not gonna let some dude like that he basically a clown and he FARR from a real gangsta out here in L.A we don’t fuck with rainbow wanna be gangsta like that deal me fuck that noise

  4. I thought Mafioso's were discrete? Could he have given him this message without the whole world knowing? I feel that "O.G" incriminated himself…. Modern day organized crime has become a fucking circus. This whole millennium is a joke. But, what do I know. I'm a nobody.

  5. I don't know all the facts but I wouldnt want a suspect of child abuse in my Area either. Even if it wasn't him you are still the company you keep. I know you gotta be a man and Shit n not back down. Just be smart about it. If you calling out people saying no one can touch you…. Your asking to get touched or you wanna reason to get sum points so you can kill who comes for you.

  6. 1. I hope 69 gets Merked in 2018, along with xxx, pump, vert and all those other chicks that are popular.
    2. Spanky got his pee pee played with by his uncle and thats why he's mad. lol

  7. I can see something happening but trust me we no punks out here in NY… Gtfoh, you LA niggas hype yourselves up too much… LA niggaz don't even come to NY… Why??? Cuz y'all scared… Lol hahaha

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