Three lake freighters under the Blue Water Bridge, Port Huron, Michigan

Three lake freighters under the Blue Water Bridge, Port Huron, Michigan

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The M. V. Roger Blough a 858 ft. long ore carrier, the S. S. Arthur M. Anderson a 767 ft. long AAA class ore carrier, and the M. V. Lee A. Tregurtha a T3 class ex-military tanker named the Mobileoil going under the Blue Water Bridge.

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  1. I was fishing under the bridge for wally about 15-20 years ago and had some Russian freighter run rite into ware I was fishing. Messed up the retaining wall pretty bad. I was told later that they lost rudder control. You wouldn't think it but there is a good scuba diving spot under the bridge. I dont know if it's still there but there is a (or was pre-9-11) chain that goes from a sandy spot in the back of a neighborhood and you can follow the chain and there is a sunken crane and barge in about 110 ft of water and you exit around the coast guard station. There is a set of stares at the station you could get out on but they fenced everything off after 9-11 so I don't know if it's still there or not.

  2. I always loved the sound of the steam whistle…I used to live across the street from Pine Grove Park, way back when every freighter tooted their whistle as they approach "The Blue Water Bridge". Thanks for sharing.

  3. Beautiful freighters, especially the Arthur Anderson. Love the story behind her as she tried her hardest to find survivors of the Edmund Fitzgerald along with another freighter. Both captains were definitely valiant that night the Fitzgerald sank. 

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