WalMart Fights !!

Angry people at Walmart compilation

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  1. Now that's a sorry azz scene, GROWN AZZ MEN & WOMEN WATCHING, standing there recording 0:58 instead of STOPPING IT!!!! or getting help…All while the little boy watches & wants to help his mom but is helpless SMDH these ppl are SICK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just sad :(´╗┐

  2. I live down south that shit be like that in Walmart I done had 2 piece some ppl┬á4 being disrespectful wit threats and there tuff guy shit ppl be drunk and starting problems looking 4 a ass whooping to calm them down I don't play that shit B once you speed walk up 2 me I'm stalling on you I'm 4 and 0 in Walmart lol´╗┐

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