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Young Dolph, Key Glock – Baby Joker (Official Video)

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Directed by Jordan Spencer

Official Music Video by Young Dolph & Key Glock – Baby Joker © 2019 Paper Route EMPIRE


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Written by DJ Pro


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  1. Whole lot of camouflage shit in the driveway
    Plug look like Baby Joker on Next Friday
    Blue gas in the Demon, now I'm gettin' sideways
    Blue racks on me, I been havin' shit my way
    18-wheeler loaded, fresh up off the highway
    All week long she been begging me to ride me
    Carbon one-fifth and it's right here beside me
    Cut a nigga off if I find out he lied to me
    That's something you just don't do, okay?
    Trust is everything, make sure we keep that, yeah
    Dolph, why you fuck all that money off all on your boys?
    Bitch, 'cause them my niggas (the gang)
    Did all this shit straight up out of my pocket
    Didn't need no crack, I'm that nigga (it's Dolph)
    You ain't never had to move 'cause your spot too hot
    You ain't never shot a nigga, you ain't never got shot
    You ain't never ran into your ex-bitch in the park
    Hit the automatic start and flexed on her in the drop (drop-top)
    Maison Margiela attire (uh)
    I heard you a vagina buyer (trick)
    I run with the hustlers and snipers (uh)
    Another seven digit wire (uh)
    Dope boy, retro, Michaels (uh)
    I been ridin' 'round with my rifle (uh)
    I know some trappers and swipers (uh)
    I'm the shit, I'm still in diapers (uh)
    She ride it like a motorcycle (uh)
    I fucked her good and fucked her life up (uh)
    Ain't none of these niggas like us (nah)

  2. I be the mother fuckin Baptist, I'll hit you wit a back fist and put your ass on the blacklist, man is somebody gonna have to smack a bitch ? I be Mister Stack a chip, I'm rapper and an activist, I'm a Holy Essene, one of God's greatest advocate's, Like Ol ' Dirty I'm doing this for the damn kid's, I come in Peace but if anybody ever fucks with my peeps I'll be poppin off tops like jam lids, my Heckler & Koch be jam less cats over da blocks put these thoughts on your damn lists to play la parola be the sickest with blades like Jubei, have a nice Tuesday. Just ryhming, no I'll intentions. God Bless

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